Gainesville homes with Trump signs vandalized with swastikas

Dem’s at it again…

Nazi swastikas were painted on campaign signs, a garage door and walkway, and a vehicle at two homes near Westside Park sometime Tuesday night.

Ronnie Sartain was surprised to see Gainesville police cars outside his home when he woke up Wednesday. Outside he found a purple swastika about 5 feet tall painted on his garage door, another on the walkway from the street to his front door, and another on a Trump yard sign.

I hope I catch them vandalizing my truck or yard.
I will vandalize them :slight_smile: and they will not soon forget it.

Oh those little scamps!

I thought the neo Nazis were on trumps side?

Wonder how much the clinton campaign paid them to do it?

Well my father -law had his mail box torn off and democrat sign destroyed , BTW he is a 92 Who flew bombers over japan , Real brave ****s on both side i guess

The difference is that I would almost guarantee if they knew your Father in Laws History they would not have done so.

Trump Supporters support our Troops and Law and Order.

Hillary supporters support no one most of the time not even themselves.
They wear the term “NASTY” as a badge. Whatever happened to being a Gentleman or Ladylike? All looters and rioters are neither and those who support Hillary support them.