Gallop poll shows another housing boom about to start.

Consumer attitudes towards the housing markets are echoing views in the years immediately preceding the peak of the housing boom, according to a new national survey by the Gallup poll. Americans continue to see a buyer’s market in housing, according to an April 2011 Gallup poll. 69% of respondents say now is a good time to buy a house.

Historic Gallup data shows that many Americans also thought it was a good time to buy between 2003 and 2005, when home prices were increasing and getting financing was relatively easy. Those attitudes began to change in 2006 as some homebuyers began to realize a housing bubble was taking shape in local markets across the country.

Housing boom?
Create jobs, housing will follow. It’s the job, as they say.

As soon as the market get rids of the glunt of REOs, housing will boom.



Let me triple that.

Really? Not from what I’m reading lately

Shadow inventory’ of 1.8 million homes could prolong housing slump

March 31, 2011

The glut of troubled homes not yet on the market represents a nine-month supply at the current sales pace. That’s in addition to 3.49 million previously owned homes already on the market.

Unemployment claims at new high- Glut of foreclosed and abandoned homes; Fuel prices forcing people to choose between what bills to pay; I do not see a new housing boom in the next twelve months


The more homes on the market the more sales. Inventory pushes prices down and number of sales up.

Agreed. The glut that is being complained about among the used house salesmen is in regard to the lower prices/commissions. I hope the glut lasts all summer and into the winter so that there are lots of folks taking advantage of the deals that haven’t been available for more than a generation.

I’m seeing a lot of new frames going up around Austin/Leander. Not as many as the good 'ol days but a lot compared to the recent past.

They sure aren’t talking about new construction. But as inspectors we may benefit.

New construction doesn’t provide many inspection jobs as only a few percent of all new construction homes are inspected.

What is good for inspectors is not necessarily good for the real estate market, or the economy. If I could wave a magic wand and dump 5 million pre-existing homes on the market, I’d wave it.

Increase in inventory = drop in price = increase in # of transactions = increase in # of inspections.

Not happening here in KC. Home sales are down from last year. I have talked to other inspectors, and they are not getting calls. I turned down a buyer earlier today that wanted me to do a whole house inspection on a home built in 1900 for $100. Sad, and frustrating. It may have been another inspector testing the waters.

I believe ASHI and the Agents are controlling the market, totally. Nothing will stand in their way of selling homes. Sound like a rock group.

The only thing more harmful to consumers than a patty-cake ASHI inspector is a hungry real estate agent.

The combination of the two is nothing short of public enemy #1.

gallup polls originate in Iowa
Residents there still looking at the wheat side of bran…
Not sure their opinion is representative
of most American Voters…

One thing I have noticed in the last month & a half is a substantial increase of homes that I’m inspecting that are owner occupied as opposed to bank owned.

I prefer to see the economy as a whole get better and stay on a sustained upward trajectory as opposed to another bubble, that will inevitably pop.

I agree with Waqar. If people don’t have jobs they won’t be buying houses, regardless of how many are on the market.

Housing crash is getting worse: report