Gaps between drywall and cement block wall

I did an inspection yesterday and notice a gap between the garage drywall and the concrete block wall. I usually don’t see gaps like this. This was facing the porch side of the exterior wall. Being in Florida this garage was not air conditioned. In my mind my recommendation would be to seal the gaps as this would allow warm air to rise into the attic structure and cause issues inside the roof structure or would this just vent to the outside soffit on the other side.

Does anybody else in Florida run into this or you just recommend it to be sealed. Wanted to know instead of pondering and guessing.

Not sealed into the adjoining attic?

Yes, I was going to recommend that this area be sealed but wanted to see what others say.

Yes, I recommend cracks between the garage and the living area or common attic be sealed.

Thank you sir :smiley:

See it all the time and recommend sealing all the time.

As John stated seen all the time. Typical the side walls are stucco’d first when the exterior is stucco’d. Then the drywall is hung and finished. Drywall tape cannot be used due to the two different materials (drywall mud to stucco) does not bond well or sub just does not trowel in the drywall mud to the stucco. As recommended: “seal”

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