Garage Attic Storage

This attic space above the garage is completely finished so does the access still need to have fire resistant covering?

Only if it is used as sleeping quarters or open to the dwelling unit. Then it would need a 5/8" drywall if sleeping above or 1/2" if only to protect the dwelling attic.

I would say yes to the access being fire rated, if the room is open to the dwelling.

Was the room completely drywalled on all surfaces?

Was it sleeping living space e.g. a door from the home into the finished attic space? if so, I believe it would need to be 5/8" type X drywall or equivalent on the entire garage ceiling, including the access.

Edit: Man, I’m slow today. Marcel has you covered.

The space does not open to the dwelling and at the time was used as storage only. It was completely finshed but I don’t know if 5/8" drywall.

If it’s not open to the dwelling in the attic and the separation is covered with drywall, 1/2" drywall is adequate on the garage ceiling and the access does not need any protection above what is there. It remains up to the owner if extra protection is needed due to what ever they plan on storing up there.

I meant on the garage ceiling, Paul. If it was for sleeping above the garage.

Okay, thank you Marcel and Larry. I appreciate guys like you that monitor the forum and provide guidance.

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To answer your question, the garage attic is not a good area for storage. … The problem with storage areas above the finished rooms is that the insulation could be damaged. By placing floorboards on top of the ceiling joists, the insulation would be compacted and would lose a lot of its ability to insulate.