Garage concrete slab question

(Pic 1) 1981 two story w/full basement, with attached 3 bay garage…

(Pic 2) Gap in concrete between garage slab and driveway. Driveway has minor slope to street. Driveway has some cracking, but no heaving. I see this often, and is generally an easy fix.

(Pic 3) Garage slab at rear wall has excessive gap. Runs the entire length of rear wall. Gap measured 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 inches.

(Pic 4) Garage slab at front (vehicle door) wall. Notice no gap at wall, but see gap from pic 2 on other side of wall.

I have seen small gaps develop from concrete shrinkage, usually 1/8 to 1/4 inch. The slab has the typical hairline shrinkage cracking, hardly noticable. I have never seen this severe of a gap before. It is only at the rear wall. There is no evidence of the wall bowing, leaning, shifting, etc… There is no damage to the block foundation wall (visible) other than the mortar has hairline cracking in some areas. No noticeable displacement of the blocks.

**Question: **Does anyone have any idea what may have caused this gap? I swear, looking at it you would think it was done on purpose. As there appears to not be any issue with the walls, do you feel it to be of concern?

Note: Already informed client, in person and in report, to get an SE, as there are other framing issues in the home to be evaluated.

Thanks in advance,

Bonus: for you “eagle eye’s” inspectors… can you spot at least two other issues in Pic 4 ???

It’s probably a degraded/removed expansion joint I have some at my home where a concrete patio was poured next to existing stairs. The black expansion joint degrades and leaves a gap.

Done on purpose, even at an 8" slump concrete would not shrink that much.

Only 1 anchor bolt on the sill plate.

Doesn’t appear to be PT

Where are the Auto reverse eyes for the garage door?


Thanks for the reply Linas. I considered that also, but the expansion joint in all other areas is in excellant condition. Also have never seen a 1-1/2" joint in a garage before.

Thanks for your expert opinion. I was hoping you would see this thread. I know you have years of experience with concrete, and I trust your opinion completely. (No offense to anyone else).

Very good on the anchor bolt, but look at the bolt closer…
Correct on the PT (no sill plate seal either)…
Auto reverse eyes… how can you tell it has an opener? Actually, two of the three doors have openers, and the sensors are mounted on a 2x4 at the ceiling!

No opener on door #3 due to what you see in pic’s # 3 & 4.

(Bet you can find a lot more defects in this batch of pics)!!!

Hard not being there and looking at a photo only.

Wiring mess.
No fire seal tape at drywall
Loose wiring
Missing outlet plate
Overhead door brackets should have been perforated angles to eliminate combusitble material and breaching at ceiling.
The house is possible to have had a fire separation all the way up to the underside of the roof.
Can’t make out wall construction at the separation house/garage.
Elec. for winch and lights appear wrong
Dangling vapor barrier
Fire Extinguisher? was it charged? ha. ha.
Where is the engine?
Where are all the work outlets, I don’t see any.? :p:D

How my doing. ?:mrgreen:

You did awesome. Never really expected for you to even try. :wink:

What you are failing to see concerning the anchor bolt is the obvious! You see the bolt just fine… but what you are missing is it doesn’t have a nut and washer, so even if it had a second anchor bolt, without a nut and washer it is useless ! :shock:

BTW… I think I found as many or more defects/concerns in the garage as I did in the rest of the home. I will post more in a few days for your enjoyment. You’ll love the one about the “missing beam”. :twisted:

Thanks again for your advice and for playing along. :D:D

Hey, it’s all in fun.

We need to start something like that on Dom’s site too and maybe we could call it, “Guess the Defect”:):smiley:

Yes, it is. All in fun, and educational to boot.

Sounds like a great idea. I’ll start one on both MB’s on Monday starting with the beam issue.


Good idea Jeff and Marcel. Those kinda posts are enjoyable and educational. Looking forward to it.