Garage fire rated wall

New home inspection -
Wanted to see others opinions. Electric furnace and water heater in same closet. The closet can be accessed at garage wall and from within the home at the furnace side. The closet goes all the way thru. Basically if both doors were open you could see the interior of the home from the garage side or vise versa. See pictures. The door at the garage appears to be made of plywood. Door at furnace side appears to be solid. I dont like the installation.
Should there be a fire rated wall seperating the garage from home? (Between the furnace/water heater)?
Plywood door on the garage side meet min. fire code?

As long as one of those doors is fire rated, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. It would be the same situation as the door from the living space that leads into the garage.

Self-closing would also be a requirement if it were in CA.

Thanks guys. Buyer said he was going to install wall regardless.