Garage located furnace

If the furnace is in the garage, in a closet, and is built with the blower below the burners, is it safely installed as far as the 18" goes?


Absolutely about 7 out of 10 furnaces in this State are installed within a garage closet. There is always 18 inches from the floor to point of ignition.

It looks like a gap in that RA drop. If it is a gap it should be sealed.

The gap in the RA is actually a slide door for the filter (which is on the floor next to the unit), but good eye.

Furnaces in garages???

I love my NE basements.

had one in a crawl space last friday

Hey Dennis,

I hope they didn’t store any gas cans down there.:smiley:

In my neck of the woods, we have furnaces in crawl spaces, attics, garages, exterior utility closets, and interior utility closets. It just depends on where they wanted to put the thing.

The worst I ever did was a Heritage Golf Estates home of 10,000 SF that had five furnaces, all in separate attics. That wouldn’t have been too bad, but the ceilings throughout the house where the attic were located were 14 feet high. With my 12½-foot Telesteps, I had to use my macho arm strength to pull myself up into the attics and let myself down gently when I was finished. All five furnaces had been recalled in 2001, which my Clients were very happy that I knew about and could document via the serial number, so there was no cost involved in the Sellers having the furnaces replaced.

The house on my web site home page had this beauty installed in the basement, one of only two basements that I have seen here in San Diego County. The furnace still had the manufacturer’s plate attached stating a 1938 build and was still going strong. Of course, with its age and the non-standard insulation on the ducts, I told my Clients that a modern furnace would be much more energy efficient.