*** Garage Ridge Vent ???

Getting a new roof. Looking for general consensus as far Ridge vent on a unheated garage.

Is it recommended or not?

It would definitely help in the hot summer, But wondering what are pros and cons for the North East winter?

Any info would be help full.


A quality ridge vent installed properly can’t hurt anything and it’s there if you decide to heat the garage at a later date. I have one on mine.

Second what Larry said, Recommended, not required.

Is it an attached garage? Is the attic open to the rest of the house? The square footage should be included to calculate ventalation requirements.

If it is unattached, and would you like the shingles to last a little longer?

Answer yes to any of the above and you should install vents. Just MHO.

no harm can come from the vent if it is properly installed…no vent can cost you years of shingle life…imo…jim

I agree Jim.

Ridge vent is a simple addition that can increase air flow within your garage. It can easily be installed on an existing roof or put in place at the time of construction. When properly installed, a ridge cap sets up a nice flow of air out of the building, which will keep the enitre building well ventilated.

Most on summer months leave the garage door open, because it gets to hot. This invites critters and other crawling creatures to come in.

Like was mentioned in other post above, if they decide to finish the garage and heat it, ventilation requirement has been incorporated already, so there is the savings. Plan for the future. :):smiley:

If I see an unvented garage attic, I write it up. You can bake muffins in certain garages in the South during summer.

It’s a attached garage w/ unfinished and open all the way.
The house is a cape w/ attached garage.

I am thinking of getting the ridge vent w/ soffit vents.

Are there any cons in the winter for having a ridge vent?

Thanks guys