Gas Absorbtion Heat Pump?

Realtor says the house has a gas heat pump. I almost told her it is either a heat pump or a gas furnace but I decided to look it up first. Apparently, there are gas heat pumps. Does anyone know some good resources for education on these.

Basic overview here

Yes. I had one in my first house I built in 1971. Worked well. Had to drain the water about every month out of it. Still working when I sold the home in 1975. Shame they are not being marketed, or made, any more. Light companies want to keep you using their electricity.

Excellent article. Thanks Bruce!

I didnt know they were that old Gary

I have not seen an AC unit.
I occasionally come across LP powered Refrigeration units (Lancaster & Chester County)

I suggest you buy air source heat pumps]( and air source heat pump water heater than electric water heater, electric water heater, heat pipe electricity directly converted to heat energy heating the cold water, electric conversion efficiency of about 95 ℅. But the power consumption of the air heat pump water heater is driven heat pump work, play only procure movement of the heat medium circulation, due to the heat in the large amount of air entering the system, so that the hot water obtained is far greater than the energy to the heat pump power consumption, these two up to four times more energy ratio, and that the the electrothermal conversion rate reached more than 400 ℅. That is the main source of energy: air heat pump water heater system for heating water from the surrounding air, using the equivalent electric water heater 1/4 or 1/5 of the energy consumption can be enough hot water, obviously far lower operating costs electric water heater or electric boilers.