gas line cross the staircase steps

In the picture it shows the staircase from garage to the living room. two steps. The second step has a natural gas line crossed it. and the gas line is a little bit higher than the aluminum part of the step which makes the line could be kicked by people. Is this a big problem? what could be the consequence? what could we do to rectify it?

to protect my assets & ins. my rule of thumb is report any exposed wire, pipe, duct that may be subject to physical damage
it also appears that the wall layout may be incorrect creating the curb offset
i’d ask to review plan dimensions
regardless of layout dimensions the curb does not meet minimum step/tread dimension & therefore is a known tripping hazard

Could be a fun day when the appliance delivery crew from Home Depot wheels a huge full size refrigerator back and forth over that a few times lol

Hello Bill. I’m not sure from your post if you are the inspector or the homeowner, but I’m guessing that you are the homeowner.

I would consider the gas pipe in that location across a doorway threshold to be a trip hazard. Steel pipe is not particularly susceptible to incidental damage if it is well secured. To rectify the situation, I would reroute the pipe so that it does not present a hazard.