Gas-Only Glass Fireplaces

Anytime you see a glass front fireplace, you should caution children around these units.

Great thanks for the reminder ,

Good info Gary. Never thought about how hot that glass can get. Good reminder to provide clients with small children during the inspection.

Wow, Poor little girl. Thanks for the info.

One of the first questions I ask clients is, just small talk, if they have any children. Sometimes it makes a difference when writing up an inspection. Actually thinking about making a list of these precautions, or safety issues, of any home, such as loose rugs, loose railings, brick hearths, etc. where small children are present.

How right you are,

Performed an inspection recently and I advised my client that children stay way clear.

Marc-Andre, Brossard-Quebec-Canada

So what if they have no children! That doesn’t mean they wont have guest with children. I always presume children will be there at one time or another.

Good read Gary. Thanks for the info. I’m going to add something about that in my reports.