getting all vampped up

Hello everyone,
I am fairly new to this forum, I’ve added post to get through the testing, but now it’s time for me to start getting out there and promoting myself. I finally figured out how to make my own post and thought I’d start here.
My question is how do alot of you introduce yourself, and what are some of the more common comebacks that you hear? I’ve been a structural inspector for many years and they come to me, it was sorta handed to me by someone else so I never had to go out and promote myself. That is a different world than realtors.
I’ve got almost everything in place now except pricing. I could use a little imput on that as well, if anyone could give me some pointers, I would be very greatful.

Do you have a website? That’s #1 for promoting your business.

Yes i do! I’m wondering more as to what people say when they walk in to realtors? Sort of like cold calls. Some pitches work, some pitches don’t. Just want to get a feel for how some people aproach others, and prices. I was told 400-450 per inspection, then I went to a couple other inspectors sites and they are at 300-350. I don’t want to lowball nor do I want to be the expensive one. just looking to be that Happy medium.

Hi I am Mike Meeker your inspector for today. Here are a couple of handouts that tell you about InterNACHI’S buy your home back guarantee and about my credentials as a CMI Certified Master Inspector. Maybe mention other things you offer also for me it is always my Pre Purchase home consultation "walk & talk. Slightly higher prices will likely get you better clients and homes because they assume you charge more because you are better.

Get your CMI as soon as possible and get Nicks book on Marketing and such.

You should add it to your profile. And to your signature.
aMAEZing inspections

Thank you Mike. Advice well taken and appreciated.

Pssst. ( amped up):slight_smile:

or even, ramped up;)

Nah. I meant Vampped, ya know like a vampire getting ready to go out, fangs ready to pounce and strike without warning. LOL

Mirek, I just went to your web page. I was pleasantly surprised. Most web pages have so much useless content and sound cheesy that I’m bored and leave and don’t absorb any relevant information. Your page was basic, I read everything that you had on it. I feel you successfully build trust with the page, which it the number 1 thing that matters when trying to make a sale. Heck, I left the page thinking you must be a stand up guy. Anyway, you know what they say about opinions …everyone’s got one. I imagine many people will tell you to change your page, add phoney certification logos, sop links, more text for so, this that and the other thing, etc. From a buyers point of view, just refine what you have when you feel the need to update it as you go, but please keep the simple format that you have now.

Thank you. We put alot of time and thought into it. It was not our first go around building web pages, my wife is awesome at a womans perspective, and I’m the “asshole” mans point of view. It works pretty good in the end, but we have our go arounds in the process.
Again thank you, I really appreciate the input.

all right. I get it! slang shouldn’t be used here. sorry, I’ll rephrase…AMPED NOT VAMPPED…