GFCI outlet wired upstream of another GFCI outlet?

I was inspecting a house today and when I tested the GFCI outlet in the master bath I noticed that it would not reset when I pressed the reset button on the outlet. I made a mental note of the defect and moved on. When I got to the main bath, I noticed the GFCI outlet in the bathroom was already flipped. I reset it and then found that the master bath outlet had reset and was working again. My question, is there any reason to wire a gfci outlet to another gfci outlet in this way? Seems redundant. I see normal outlets wired to gfci outlets all the time to provide gfci protection to the other outlets but this if the first time I have seen a gfci outlet being protected by another gfci outlet.

Redundant protection and whomever installed the downstream of the two didn’t understand things. No safety problem but a bit of a nuisance (as you found). I write it up as such but also add that it indicates non-professional work on the system so there may be other non-apparent problems.


Likely a Harry Homeowner install.

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Some times the homeowner does not realize a regular receptacle is already protected by being wired to an upstream GFCI, so they replace a standard receptacle with GFCI one.

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A GFCI will not reset itself. It has to be reset manually.
If there is no power to a GFCI outlet, it will not reset.


Thank you all, great information as per usual.