GFCI Outlets - 3 Prong

If an exterior outlet is 3 prong and trips when I put my tester in it should I call it out if it doesn’t have the GFCI test/reset. Is this acceptable (picture) if it trips?


No, it is GFCI protected! Now go find the GFCI itself and reset it.


Haha! Beat me to my question!

Thanks David.

Did you find the reset Mike?

Look in the garage. :sunglasses:

He must have went to look, no reply! :slight_smile:

look behind the freezer in the garage…

I reset every GFCI outlet.


Code should enforce identification of location of upstream GFCI outlet, I hate hunting them down, wastes so much time.


I always liked the ones that due to acoustics sound like they’re in the opposite direction from where they actually are and you spend 10 minutes hunting for it…


It’s a GFCI breaker in a panel. As long as it is protected it is fine. You’ll want to locate it and reset it as suggested.

The code only requires GFI protection. It can be from a breaker or a GFI device upstream or at the point of use.

I used that as another task for the buyer(s), When we would come up on a receptacle that should be gfci protected I would shush everyone and they would all look at each other and I would very quietly say listen for the click because I’m going to send you all to go find it.

And we were all quiet and I would test it and sure enough there was the click and I would say; “Okay, go find the receptacle that is tripped.” And, off they would go for 5, 10, 15 minutes having great fun.

I remember one time they all came back with long faces and said that they couldn’t find it.

Back then my hearing was great so I knew it was in the kitchen. And, I asked them if the checked everywhere in the kitchen. They said yes and we all went to the kitchen.

Over in the corner was an appliance garage. I went to it and opened it and they all gasped because none of them thought to check there. It was in the early days of appliance garages.

Just another way to get some inspection time alone. :smile: