GFCI tester question

Today I completed an inspection and when plugging the gfci tester into a 3 prong outlet all three lights were lit? The center light was the brightest, and the outer lights were glowing noticably. There is not code on the tester explaining what the hell this means, reverse polarity, open ground and open nuetral? Has anyone ever seen this? George

Testers vary from model to model. If I came across this, I would have gotten out my testing meter, possibly something funky with the voltage?

I have seen this in Tucson also. Don’t know the answer.

I found this once. Someone removed the 240v outlet for an a/c and installed a 120v rated outlet but still wired it 240v.

Thats why it pays to carry a standard voltage tester and multi meter.

The only way to get all 3 lights to light is with voltage on the neutral.

Could be 120V from neutral to ground and 240V from neutral to hot.

That’s what I’ve found, too.

Whatever it is, it’s not right.

Brings back memories of a recent inspection.

Open ground, Open ground, Reverse polarity, Reverse Polarity, False Ground,

BBBBBBZZZZZZZTTTTTT. Dead Ideal Sure Tester. Glad they stand behind there warranties.

was it on a dimmer? I have seen this before. I plug in a lamp if there is one available and see if the outlet behaves as expected. It does not take much to get that condition and the neutral is supposed to carry current back to the panel. If no dimmer, a poor neutral connection may exhibit unusual indications.