Good ol bluegrass

I was a rocker back in the day and then in the 90’s I joined a bluegrass group and today for some reason took my John Hartford CD’s out.

Hard to be world weary when listening to bluegrass in any of its forms.

Amen… Am a fan of many different types of music but traditional bluegrass is my favorite when I want to get the juices flowing. Big here in Ky and my whole family either sings or plays an instrument. Good front porch family time many many times over the years

James Cotton.
Delta Mississippi Blues.

I’ve tried! but no one compares to Mr. Cotton.
My juice harp don’t even come close to this…My Heros!
This is my fav …Winters,Muddy and Cotton.
I had a meeting with Johnny and Edgar Winters back around 1974.
Bo Diddley live down the street from me until he dies a few years ago. A whisky drinkin’ MF .

My cousin and namesake.
I’ve lived with the blue grass all my life.

The rest of the fam…

Yep! I’m a Redneck!
And proud of it!

Every Saturday night @ 9:30 PM.
Great stuff.
I get it on my DishTV. :smiley:

Gotta love the bluegrass, many members of my family play or played.

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

Down the road 'bout a mile or two
Lived a lil girl named pearly blue…:smiley: