Goodman A/C age?

Can anyone give me the age of this goodman compressor (and tell me how )?

Model : CRT 36-1A
S/N 0606105045


My cheat sheets show this unit as

Year 2006 the 6th week
About 2.5 years old

**Goodman: **First two digits of the serial number are the year. Second two are the month.
Compressor is same :serial # 9709088872 (yr1997 wk 09)

Many thanks - is your cheat-sheet published somewhere I can find it? Mine didn’t show Goodman.

It is 2006, but I believe Goodman has been using the month for the last several years, so I’d go with June 2006 rather than the sixth week of 2006.

Thanks for the tip. In most cases, I feel like I am doing good to get the year right. :mrgreen: The client will be glad to hear that year because everyting else in the home is 11 years old.

I’d also verify the unit capacity. It looks like a 3ton in 2006 to me.

I agree it appears to be that, but I don’t generally report the capacity number because very few homeowners would know how to use it anyway.