Got burned pretty good today....

This is in a laundry room between the garage and living area of house. Opened door and went to catch it before it hit the furnace and the back of my hand hit the flue. Mf’er that stung. Recommend an HVAC tech install b-vent starting from frame of unit.

Wouldn’t a simple door stop have prevented any hazard?

They could wrap the flue in insulation the way we used to do the generator exhausts in the Phone company buildings.

I guess the homeowner’s due diligence was to write “Hot-Ouch” on the pipe.

There is a crappy door stop! Floor mounted one would be recommended and shielding over the first single wall portion of the flue but of course the best option would be B-vent double wall.

An other “Excellent” use of thermal imaging.

aren’t You glad You didn’t lick that ?