Goverment programs??

Got this to-day, anyone know of it?
Good day Mr… Crooker, You inspected our home at 41 Grenada Drive on September, 2005. We are in the renovation process of our upstairs bathroom and are changing from a 13 litre to a 6 litre tank. We heard that the gov’t has a rebate program for such initiatives. We are wondering if you have heard of such a program & have any information on it. We’d appreciate your reply.
Have a great new year.

Hi Chuck,

I was at Home Depot the other day and they were selling toilets (6 L) with an advertisement saying that they qualify for a gov’t rebate.
This is a program they offer for incentive to lessen waste of natural resourses.
Not sure which dept to talk to at the Gov’t but I’m sure their info line can direct these people to the proper agency.


There are very few 6L models that work well on a single flush.

Depends on the “load” :slight_smile:

I have a model that has two flush modes, push back for a half flush “liquids”, or push forward for a full flush “solids”. Works great.

My personal choice would be the Vacuity series from Briggs. I have this type and they simply don’t have any problems. They work consistenly well. A clever desing with no pressure tank.

Found out that in Calgary, it is a municipal rebate to lessen water usage.
Have your client check that route as well.

That is certainly one device that should qualify for a government rebate, since most of what is flushed eventually finds its way into an ASHI home inspection bill.


That was funny, thanks for the laugh!

What is the type or ‘terlet’ (with thanks to Archie Bunker) that has a small pressure tank inside the standard tank. The standard tank remains dry while the pressure tank holds about two litres of water?
I’ll telll you these babies will suck the skin right off an orange! You don’t want to be seated when you flush or . . . . well you know:shock: . I first found them on a cruise ship but have been seeing them at hotels and motels in the United States lately. They have to be the ultimate water saver ( but are very hard on your oranges) - ( OW, OW, OW!!!)

Charles, have a look thru the Natural Resources Canada website.


Tanx all, I have given and or sent the info on.:smiley: