Governor signs HB 2260 in Kansas

What is interesting is that…if I refused to get a license…the law entitles Mr. Barnes to nothing from me. In fact, he is not even authorized to spend the state’s time and money investigating me. He can only investigate “registrants”. All other home inspectors are free from his nonsense.

Forgive me for not being as well versed in Kansas government as I should. But when I read the law last night that was one of my questions since in section 9, paragraph (c) it says $10,000; but then in paragraph (e) it says $2,000. If the law is sent back, or it has to go through the legislature a third time, when would that happen?

I’m reading the version posted on the Kansas Home Inspector Registration Board site: .

Who knows?

Hopefully the home inspectors will ban together and point out that this law is not protecting the consumer at all to the state because the state has no power over the unlicensed home inspectors. If the law is only going to regulate the willing than why even have the law? Or let me put it another way, laws are not put in place to encourage people who drive responsibly to be responsible drivers.:wink:
This law kinda makes no sense, when you think about it.:shock:

Another thing to keep in mind, Kansas have a different governor now. He will most likely have different goals he wants accomplish. He probably is not bought and paid for by KAR like your last governor. He might actually want to protect the consumer and will have the courage to veto the bill.