New Kansas home inspector Bill, HB 2260

Will be heard on Monday February 9th, 2009.

I am not a fr****cking criminal. What the hell is this? Do other states require this? I will be there. I do not need to be fingerprinted, investigated by the KBI, or anything else listed in this bill just to be a home inspector and operate a ligimate business in this state. There has to be a right to privacy issue here. I am so pi**ed that I have not gotten by the first page. Dan, where are you?

Page 8 lines 30-36 is an improvement.

© All costs associated with obtaining a fingerprint record shall be
the responsibility of the applicant or registrant and are to be paid directly
to the board approved contractor providing the fingerprinting services.
The costs associated with obtaining a background or criminal history rec-
ord shall be paid to the board and shall be the responsibility of the ap-
plicant or registrant and shall not exceed $75.

I guess they need to make more money somehow. This thing is way out of hand. Who wrote this? Why are these special interest groups so intent on putting us out of business? I will, somehow, continue to inspect “kitchen type appliances”. I guess I will have to have an addendum for that. Nick, if page 8 lines 30 to 36 have been eleminated, then the line on page 3 line 11 means what?

I have not read the whole bill yet but I guess you could treat appliances as an auxiliary inspection.

In Missouri, there are a number of professions that have to get criminal background checks…teachers, certain health care workers, day care workers, etc.
They come in all the time to get fingerprinted…we print them, and they send it to the Missouri Highway Patrol, along with a $10 fee, and get the background check. Keeps convicted felons out…

Thanks James. I am calming down now. I just hate having 5 board members who, I bet, perform few inspections each year. Governments are just putting their fingers into everything. I do not like the State of Kansas, a state that I have lived in for 57 years become a socialist state. If I need to be fingerprinted, then home builders, contractors, repairmen and all real estate agents should be. There are far more complaints against them, and have far more arrests than home inspectors. Not at all fair.

Gary, line 11 on page 3 is a mistake. Good catch.

Oh. I did not know, Nick, that you are writing this bill. (HaHa). At least, we have some experience here, now that you are involved. I will be there Monday, since I have no inspections scheduled. Do you know where and what time? I still wished that Section 8 was cut out. I also hope that any test that the board requires, a book(s) will be provided for study. I still believe that this whole thing is really going to hurt the rural inspectors the most. In small counties, there will be no inspectors. They cannot afford the education, registration expenses, travel expenses, etc. when they do only 50 to 100 per year. Oh, I forgot. The house rep in central Kansas who owns his own HVAC company will cover that.

HB 2260 has been set for hearing at 9:00 am on Monday the 9th at room 784 in the Docking building in Topeka.

Thanks Nick.

What happen to the number of inspections and the number of years in the field? I am missing something?

Page 8 line 40 through page 9 line 9. However, looks like even if I have performed over 3,000 inspections I will still have to take the “proctored” exam: page 8 line 34. It is late, and several of us are still decipering the thing.


The test only COSTS $200.

How many of you guys have called your local television stations, today, to tell them the story of the Kansas House Bill that…while the state is shutting down health care program for the elderly and for children, wants to spend additional tax dollars to help realtors make bigger commissions from a bill that will put even more people out of work?

These kind of stories are airing every night. Let’s get the truth out there in front of the voters.

Tell the reporter that unlike most industries…home inspectors are not asking for a bailout. All we want is the same consideration given to every other business in Kansas, and that is the ability to negotiate with our clients our own degree of liability and to determine, as every other businessman in Kansas, the degree of insurance we will carry.

The idea behind this bill is to put the rural inspector out of work…the part timer who cannot afford $10K in escrow. Does Kansas need higher state spending designed to put even MORE people out of work?

Film at eleven.

Jeff Vogan -

If I read the Bill right it also talks about misdemeanors. I think they’re getting way out in left field on this FBI or KBI thing. They seem to think and act like we do the same things Realtors, Lenders, or Appraisers do.

You know that last year in Kansas, the used house commissioned salespeople passed an ACT like that on themselves. Mandatory fingerprinting and background checks - EXCEPT they GRANDFATHERED every licensed RE Agent in the state AND it only affects NEWBIES.

Maybe I’m just getting OLD, but this kinda crap is getting boring and when I hear some of these new guys talking about keeping out the crooks in our business, it makes me think I’m hanging around with a bunch of loonies OR psychological rejects from the CIA.

My ex-wifes Gynecologist did an abortion for a rape victim when it was still illegal (she was contemplating suicide). One of the doctors colleagues ratted him out. He lost his license for 2 years; was on probation for 3 years. That was about 30 years ago. Today he’s had his license back for over 25 years, owns a very large property investment company AND was named OUTSTANDING doctor of the year by his fellow doctors 6 years ago.

Some of my best friends got busted after Vietnam selling pot in college. Today those guys are teachers, college professors, preachers, engineers.

One of my cousins neighbors got busted about 26 years ago helping his grandad bottle moonshine whiskey in the Ozarks. Today hes a Priest.

I can’t think of his name (Delton Dunmire or ???), out in Harrisonville, Missouri was a Pilot in Korea. When he got back, the govt lost his pay records if I remember right. After not getting paid for months and with a wife and babies - he trucked over to the local bank, put his hand in his pocket - said this is a stick-up and robbed the bank. He went to jail.

After he got out another Vet gave him a job in a machine shop or ??? Delton invented several parts and patented them for use in Airplanes. Today if memory serves me right, hes been Mayor and hes a Multi-Millionaire and [FONT=Verdana]philanthropist. [/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]Twice in my life I’ve had cops for room-mates. What a joke. They would bust people for pot, coke, booze, firearms - then often bring the stuff home and have a smoker for their buddies. OR bring home 17 year old teenie boppers to party with.[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]My point is simple - As a home inspector, I climb your roof; get in your crawlspace; look in your septic system, crawl down the length of your attic getting scratched alive with itch crap. When I’m in a house I’m mostly surrounded by a small army of people. What exactly are we protecting ANYBODY from???[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]In 32 years I’ve only heard of 2 cases where a home inspector stole something ANYWHERE in the country AND I’ve never heard of home inspectors mugging, raping, or otherwise harming a client PERIOD.[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]This is just another BS hose job by agents or some weinie inspector[/FONT]

This guy was a HI instructor here, and I believe an ASHI guy to boot. :frowning:

Brian -

If I read this right the dude got busted for doing dope of some type.

For anybody that wants good reading - follow Brians post then on that page go to disciplinary actions on Home Inspectors. The pages are filled with things like:

“On or about September 13, 2004, Respondent’s inspection report failed to meet the Standards of Professional Practice for Arizona Home Inspectors by failing to adequately address the following areas: Failed to describe the inspection was done in accordance with the Standards of Professional Practice for Arizona Home Inspectors; report plumbing functional flow and drainage; and report on a heating and cooling source in each room”

SO, because this guy may have done it BUT forgot to write those things down in his report some whiny, wimp of a BUYER, SELLER or pissed off RE Agent complained AND …

Gosh, I can’t wait to get licensed.