Great Home Inspector Pro MNF contest. Enter now to win!

Carolina 64, 3 interceptions…

Carolina 36, 4 interceptions…

You may want to change this…“Just pick the winner of the December 1, 2008 game”

TB 35 - 3 picks

tb 45 1

Tampa Bay 40 pts. 2 interceptions

Tampa Bay, 51 points, 1 pick

Carolina - 1 pick - 41 pts

Tampa 52 2

Just logged in… too late to cast my guess…

I caught that too, Chris…

Must be why there are not many guesses on this one… everyone who read the 1st post thought it was an old post.

I would say James Bushart wins with Carolina 57 points, 3 picks.

Yup , Robert was only one off but went over. Congratulations James, contact me to setup a free website for a year!

D’oh! Congrats Jim!!!

PS Hey, wasn’t there a blocked PAT??? If so, add another D’oh!!! :wink: (That may have benn the PIT game…)