Great Home Inspector Pro MNF contest. Enter now to win!

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Ability to add an unlimited number of pages to the site
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If you are doing pre-inspections/sellers inspections you can create real estate listings on your site and offer this as an extra incentive to your agents & clients.
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Support through email, live chat on website and our message boards where our staff and other users will help you out.


Dominic Maricic
Home Inspector Pro
Toll Free: 1-888-750-4777

To enter is simple:

Just pick the winner of the December 1, 2008 game (Tampa Bay or Carolina), the total number of points scored by both teams combined, and the total number of interceptions in the game.

The winner must correctly choose the winning team.

Of those who choose the winning team, the member who most correctly guesses the total score, without going over, wins.

If more than one member correctly chooses the winning team and the total number of points scored with equal accuracy, the tie will be broken by member who most accurately guesses the total number of interceptions in the game.

If more than one member correctly chooses the winning team and the total number of points scored with equal accuracy, and the total number of interceptions with equal accuracy, the tie will be broken by giving the prize to the member who posted /edited first.

Carolina, 50 total points, 3 interceptions.

Tampa Bay
44 total
2 interceptions

Tampa 50 points 2 interceptions

Tampa Bay, 38, 2.

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Tampa, 39 pts, 2 picks

Carolina, 57 points, 3 intcpts

Worth repeating.
Thanks Dominic.

Carolina, 62, 3 picks

TB 45 points 2 picks

Carolina, 52 points, 1 intcpts

Carolina 47 and 2

carolina, 10, 2int

Carolina 70 5ints

Carolina 43 pts 2 picks

Tampa 62, 3 pics

Caralina 45 3 picks

Carolina - 44 pts - 2 int’s

Carolina, 67 total points, 2 interceptions.

Tampa Bay 31 total points, and 2 interceptions.