Great News!

Fox news is reporting banks nationwide are having trouble keeping up with mortgage applications nation wide. Should be a great 2013.

That would be nice, Billy.

What percentage of those are refis?


Forget what I said then. Thanks Mike :slight_smile:

Wait til the fiscal cliff hits in January…:roll:

No problem.

I thought it might be.

A couple of my kids just refied.

We are entering the slow season here.

Houses are moving here in Southeast Michigan. I’m as busy as I want to be and am taking on another inspector next Summer.

Even if a good percentage are re-fi’s, it should be at least some up tick for us…which may not be “great news” but at least pretty good news…

It has been steady here too, Homes are selling .

It is slowing down here in GTA area.

Surprising it is steady here so far though have had higher percentage postpone and larger percentage of price shoppers which seems to occur during slower periods judging from past history.