Green bonding screw

Doesn’t the green bonding screw need to be attached to the panel. The bar is broken on this Cutler Hammer 125 amp 1/0 aluminum main panel.

Sometimes those little bonding bars are shipped with their green screw tapped into the panel but not landed on the neutral bar. It appears that the screw has a small piece of copper that should have been entered into one of the holes in the neutral bar and tightened.

Is this a sub panel? I see no grounds.

In a sub panel the neutral bar is NOT connected to the panel.

I only see a three wire feed and it looks like it is coming from a meter base.

I see a bonding strap/jumper that is not attached. Where’s the broken “bar” you’re referring to?

The three-wire feed is fine for service equipment, but I too wonder where all the egc’s are. . .

The broken strap not attached is the bar I’m referring to. The bar that the bonding screw is attached to it which is left of the neutral bus. I know my terminology is off so please set me straight.

The egc’s are crammed down at the bottom left behind all the bundling. :roll:

This was a main panel as I mentioned in the first post.

I cannot see where the egc’s are attached anywhere. Are they just bundled together or are they attached somehow/somewhere?

Then you are correct, the bonding strap (the copper strap/jumper with the green screw) should be attached directly to the neutral terminal bar.

Great. Thanks for your help.

Any further wording that you would add. Here is what I put in the report. The photo is the same photo I posted.

The green bonding screw is not attached to the neutral bus bar via the copper pipe behind the dead front cover. PHOTOGRAPH “L”

It’s possible (not likely, but possible) that the bond was established elsewhere.

The neutral conductors are required to be bonded to the enclosure at the service panel. A bonding connection was not visible and should be verified or established by a qualified electrician.

Since this panel contains the service disconnect and has an offset nipple connecting it directly to the meter enclosure where else do you think that bond could be?

I’ve seen instances where bonding conductor was attached to the neutral terminal and to the grounding terminal - just a wire run between each terminal bar.