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I had this company reach out to me today called green force solar. They undicated that they were looking for home inspectors to work with them. The accent was a little difficult to understand, but it sounded like the scope was taking exterior photos, general condition of the roof and evaluation of the electric panel. I received an email as well from them with links, but am cautious to click on them. Just curious if anyone else has any information on this company or a similar solar company or has worked with them. I had solar installed on my home and this was not part of the process.

I received a similar call. I was curious, so checked out their website.

Their site is confusing as it appears they are trying to sell to three audiences at the same time: 1) for potential solar surveyors (the role that they home inspector would fulfill) working for them as independent subcontractor or 2) solar installation companies (installers) that would hire their services for solar surveys (using green-force surveyors as a service provider) or 3) solar companies that would use their software to manage their own surveyors and installers.

They say that they provide training for new solar surveyors. Things get clearer when you click on the “Contract Agreement” button in the footer that appears to be the agreement for the surveyor as subcontractor.

The contract says they pay $80 to $260 for each survey report based upon the size and complexity of the home that is surveyed. No mention of how that is determined. They say they pay mileage outside a standard radius, so not sure if that is above that amount or included.

The contract says the surveyor (as subcontractor) needs to maintain $100K in general liability insurance.

It seems like the whole company is brand new and based out of Florida (just really started in 2024). At total of 2 reviews on their app page. I would imagine it only makes sense if their are actually installers in your area that are using their services (use case #2 above).

Received this in an email from Green Force:

Joining our team means becoming part of a network of proficient and vetted site surveyors dedicated to delivering exceptional results in your local area. At Green Force, we prioritize your success by offering comprehensive training, free of charge. Our training program ensures that everyone, regardless of experience level, can excel in conducting site surveys using our meticulously crafted template, refined over fifteen years.

*With our user-friendly mobile application, akin to popular platforms like Uber, you’ll seamlessly receive site survey requests within a 100-mile radius. You have the flexibility to accept or decline assignments according to your schedule and preferences. Each survey typically requires 1-2 hours of your time and compensates between $80 to $160. Moreover, surveys necessitating backup batteries, which involve an additional on-site step, earn an extra $45. Additionally, we provide compensation ranging from $35 to $55 for travel distances between 45 to 100 miles for each survey. *

When you join Green Force, you’re not just a surveyor; you become part of a supportive team backed by a robust infrastructure, ensuring your success at every turn.

My conclusion is they want you do about 1/2 the work of your normal inspection (just the dangerous parts, like going into the electrical panels, get on roofs or fly a drone, and get into attics), coordinate with the customer as well as your normal booking / calendar system, wrestle with their beta software app that wants a ton of information, and wait for approval of your report to get paid one week later for as little as $80 per inspection, while you pay for the vehicle, equipment, and insurance.

They want to be the uber of solar surveys. Well, they got the poverty wage about right. I think I will stay clear of them.

I will have to admit I am a bit pissed-off at the moment. It is insulting when other folks think our time and expertise are not worth much.

I spoke to the owner?( I think) the other day). I guess he used to be a home inspector before starting this company. He said they are in the very early stages of getting it set up. I was told the inspection would be from $150 to $260 and they would compensate for gas over a certain distance. I explained that I don’t really have a lot of availability as it is super busy right now. I might look into it. Sounds like the situation I have with the structural engineers I work with. I guess the android app isn’t available yet.

Justin Kirch
Pro-spection Home Inspections

A lady just called me on the phone to say that they would pay from $130 to $300. I told her that was not what their online subcontract says, nor what I had seen from their marketing.

They just contacted me. Their offer was $80.00 to $180.00 per inspection. The $180.00 would be for a complex 2+ story home with multiple roofs. If you do not have a drone, you have to walk every roof. It should take around an hour and a half on site. Then you would have additional time for uploading.

I don’t think it is for me.