Grounding a metal faceplate

Sometimes i see a green grounding clip on a metal faceplate, sometimes I dont. I’m not crystal clear on when a metal faceplate needs a grounding clip. can anyone tell from this image whether these need grounding clips?

found this in the IRC… my faceplates were secured with metal screws. does that bond the faceplates? or is that only if a) the boxes were metal and b) there was means to connect a grounding conductor to the inside of the box?

what makes You think they would be necessary ?

Well I assume they are necessary because i’ve seen them installed on new construction, besides my understanding on bonding.

The implication im concerned about is the faceplate becoming energized if a wire becomes detached. isnt that what these components are designed to avoid?

The metal yoke of the switch is bonded via either the two mounting screws (metal box) or through the connection of the EGC to the green screw on the device. A metal plate is bonded to the switch by the two plate screws. Nothing more is required. Those clips are used to connect the EGC to a metal box.


Thank you for clearing that up!

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You’re welcome. :sunglasses:

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