Grounds in panel

Found several grounds all wrapped together and then only a few continue on to the ground block. I have never run into this before. Thoughts…

No good.

They need a mechanical wire nut rated for the number and size of the conductors.


So it’s ok to wire nut several grounds together with just one lead out to the ground bar? I’ve seen this before and wondered if this a problem?

I don’t see an issue as long as the egc is sized for the largest circuit.


As Jim stated it’s fine providing it’s done correctly. The conductor going to the panel would need to be sized properly and the splice would need to use the correct wire connector rated for the wiring combination used for the splice. Many wire nuts have a limit of about 5 conductors. Here’s a matrix from 3M:

We typically use these which allow for the largest conductor to be left long and pass through the hole in the middle.

I know about those in an outlet box, but didn’t know you can do it a panel.

Yes. There are twist on solderless connectors made specifically for the purpose. they have a hole in the top. That is only method of connecting them. Any suitable connector can be used.