Grow-ops outed by Ottawa Police

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Homes once used as grow-ops to be outed by Ottawa police

**Last Updated: Monday, January 28, 2008 | 1:31 PM ET **

**CBC News **

<DIV class=clearfix id=story><DIV id=storybody>“For sale: Former grow-op. Some water and toxic mould damage. Electrical wiring poses fire hazard after tampering.”
That information isn’t commonly posted in real estate ads, but Ottawa police plan to make some of it available to homebuyers.
Starting Friday, the police service will begin posting the addresses of former marijuana grow operations and drug labs on its website.
Ottawa police said they dismantle about 50 marijuana grow houses and crystal meth labs in the city each year.
After the legal process, many of the homes are sold to people who may not be aware they were used for those purposes or the damage that could have resulted.
“A lot of people are afraid and they should be,” said Ottawa police Chief Vern White. “They’ll buy a house for … $350,000, and when they get the house find out they’ve got $100,000 damage as well.”
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Thanks Roy

Check this site out. This is the Durham Police Dept.They have an amazing photo of how these criminals have tapped into the Hydro.

They are in PDF format at the bottom of the website.

Thought you were doing this. You had that great picture with an exhaust duct going through the stairs. You just doing them and don’t want us to know?

Never my friend!!
What these people are doing is criminal in many ways.