Guess what is wrong

Guess what is wrong…




old attic hatch compressing insulation?

nope, new house, not missing insulation or a leak.

Attic keyless fixture a little too low?


A lack of or inadequate attic ventilation.

Loose plenum/ductwork?

Missing portion of vapor barrier?

nope, A/C was running, hot day

A missing vapor barrier would not show up like that.

I like Jeffs light theory, but can’t use that. So going with you sat your flashlight down when coming out and forgot it. Weak, but thats all I got.

Spilled your coffee? Took a leak?


is the HVAC Unit sitting there?

No, the cooling mode was running, I had already inspected the attic and found this warm area while doing the IR scan. I made a note about low or missing insulation and was moving on through the house. Something made me go back and lower the stairs again, I went back up and saw the problem.

and you are going to keep us in suspense for…how long?

Has anyone answered correctly yet, or close?

This house had a 3.5 ton unit for the upper level with two return air registers visible but the third one was covered over with sheetrock. The hot attic air is being drawn into the duct some but mostly just trapped hot air inside the blocked off duct and up next to the ceiling.

Not all 3.5 ton units have three return registers, especially when the other two were not small in size.

So that is an uninsulated area is what you are saying???

What’s the solution, Bruce?

Hot attic air trapped in a duct that’s in a hot attic? I still don’t see why the attic insulation didn’t insulate.

Good find, almost impossible without IR.

it looks to me like you would see it in the attic near the ladder access???

If the ductwork is covered with sheetrock and buried in insulation?