GutterStuff on NBC's Today show!!!

Please check out NBC’s Today show next Wednesday Am, October 8th.

You will see GutterStuff on the show by Lou Manfredini, Chicago’s Mr. Fix It

Please spread the word to your customers and pass out the Rebate coupons.

Good ol’ Lou. It’s fun to listen to him on Sat. mornings talk about something completely different than what the caller was asking about, leave the caller confused or sometimes misinformed and then cut them off to go to a fifteen minute commercial.

Hey Ted…
The ABC Supply Co. link doesn’t work.
Where in the northern burbs of Chicago is Gutterstuff distributed? I’ve checked at Ace Hardware and True Value(uggh) and they don’t carry it.
Thanks, Jeff


That’s funny about Lou. The ABC Supply link now works and there is also a link to Big Rock Supply and Ace and Do it Best. You can shop and compare online if you like.

Also, we are in several Ace Hardware stores in the Northern burbs of Chicago. What town do you live in and I’ll let you know which one is closest.