Handrail issue

For this new home the builder went from an open handrail to closed however the break causes an egress issue. What would be your suggestion that would still be pleasing cosmetically? I’m thinking opening up the wall and using balusters instead of just a handrail.



don’t know i didn’t think of this but after looking at the pics again maybe just put the handrail on the other side and wrap it around the curvey. guess i answered my own ?

maybe just put the handrail on the other side and wrap it around the curvey.


That was my initial thought


I was about to suggest that myself. Since after the landing their appears to be a winding stair, the handrail should be continuous going up the stair on the right.

Nice catch their Richard

Marcel :smiley:

I would just suggest that it be moved to the other side and continue to the landing or where the next rail begins. Good one.

It isn’t code-required, but I feel that a handrail should always be on the same side whenever possible, so that someone carrying a bundle up the stairs doesn’t have to shift the load in mid-stream, so to speak.

In the pictured stair, the handrail is always on the left going up, and it seems like an auxiliary handrail might be placed where the angle is, for those three or four steps, but then it’s changing hands again. On the other hand, a person carrying a bundle can always start climbing from the straight side, where the handrail is continuous.

On balance, I think an auxiliary handrail would be “best practice”, if only to provide a defense against lawsuits, should litigation-minded company fall on the angled part of the stairs.

Good point Richard, but instead of someone carrying a bag of groceries think about someone using a cane or some other physical impairment.

I always build with the handrail on one side of the staircase.

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