Handyman / Dryer Duct Installer needed


Our office is based in West Chester, PA and we service properties throughout the Southeastern PA area.

We specialize in Laundry Dryer Duct Cleaning, Repair and Installation for Residential & Commercial systems.


Ideal candidates:

  • Take pride in doing a job the right way, the first time

  • Enjoy physically demanding but rewarding work

  • Enjoy working with hand tools

  • Are looking for an opportunity to establish a career with a growing company.

  • Individual must be able to work on an as-needed/part-time basis initially, and assume full-time duties with experience.

  • Individual must be able to represent the company in a professional, responsible and courteous manner.

  • Individual must be eligible to work in the United States, possess a valid drivers license and pass a background check.

  • Please respond to this posting via the email link above with resume and contact information.

  • Contact information should include a telephone number at which the candidate can be reached from 9 AM to 8:30 PM.


I need to dig a picture of a dryer vent I took the other day, plugged solid, and I mean SOLID…worst one I’ve seen in a while…and the picture I took was the end of it terminating out the side of the house, most terminate above the roof here, even worse.

Its really incredible there are not MANY MORE Dyer Fires…!!

What I see blows my mind…!!!

I appreciate photos and if reprinted on our website, I will give you credit and identify the geographical area of the country.


I have had several request for the service, but would not do it myself. I also have another company call Dry Wi… that sends me stuff all the time but all seem to be gone after a week or so. I can refer many clients but want to know that those clients are being taken care of. let me know if you have a contact in CA.

I’ll email them to Joe, Nanci.

I have his email address…no credit needed, I state specially in every report, and in the summary:

“Have the DYER VENT professionally cleaned before you attach your appliance to the vent connection.”

With a link regarding Dryer Vent fires…!

Just about every forth or fifth customer calls or emails me they were STUNNED the amount of lint-buildup that was removed.

these pics were an install this week by our techs.
home was 12 years old.
they were surprised by the presence of the white vinyl hose.
they replaced the entire vent with smooth wall 26 gauge galvanized pipe

and the last. the hose at the dryer