Happy Birthday Marcel Cyr

Happy Birthday Marcel.

Party Hard. Party Long. Then take a nap… :mrgreen:

Happy Birthday Marcel!!!

Happy Birthday Marcel!

Happy Birthday Marcel .

Have a great birthday!

tell us about the cake…

Happy birthday Marcel


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Marcel, and many more ! ! :smiley:

A good man who has given a lot to our community,
Happy Birthday Marcel !

Happy Birthday Marcel, hope there are many more to come…

don’t try and blow out all the candles, you could bust a rib :wink:

Happy Birthday,

To an awesome person and a man who lives my example. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Marcel!

Happy Birthday Marcel! I’m sending you a big box of goodies from Inspector Outlet. Let me know what size shirt you wear and what shipping address you’d like us to use.

Happy Birthday Marcel. :slight_smile:


Have a great one Marcel, thank you for all your help!


Well thank you Niikolai, very much appreciated.
And thank you to all for the Birthday Wishes.

18 helen Street
Winslow, Maine


Not much partying Stephen. Worked all day. The nap sounds good though. :mrgreen::wink:

lol It does sound good are we getting old Marcel?:slight_smile: