Happy birthday Michelle!

Happy birthday Michelle.

Happy B-Day Michelle!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Michelle!

Happy Birthday Michelle!

:DOh yeah to be 29…:smiley:

THANK YOU ALL so very much :slight_smile:

Bruce, how did you know?! LOL

Happy Birthday kiddo. Make it memorable - buy something really, really, expensive at the jewelry store!

Thanks Bill :slight_smile: John already took care of that for me! LOL

Happy Birthday Michelle.

you’re so lucky, what a sweetheart!

Happy Birthday Michelle!!!

Happy Birthday Michelle, hope you have a good one and a great day.:slight_smile:

Happy B-day Michelle. Have a great one.

Thanks so much guys!!! :slight_smile:

:)Happy Birthday Girl ! :slight_smile:

You too! gees I’m off the MB for a few days and I miss all the parties. Happy belated B-day.

:slight_smile: thanks guys! It was a great day. Said happy Birthday to my fellow Taurus Russ. Did a little work and enjoyed a nice dinner out with the family :slight_smile:

hope you wore the “new jewelry”!