Happy Birthday to all NACHI members

It seems that only CMI’s get birthday greetings from headquarters.

So from one member to another… Happy Birthday guys.

Brian Smith, Member since 2004
Guy Ramstack, Member since 2010
Kenneth Wilson, Member since 2006
Justin Chavez, Member since 2013

You’re up early wishing happy birthdays! :smiley:
Joyeux Anniversaire guys!

Happy Birthday CPI’s !!!

Happy Birthday Gentlemen…

Happy Birthday Guys!!!

Happy Birthday to all of the rest!

Steven Stanczyk:



Thanks Nick as you know I don’t celebrate Birthdays and yet respect everyone that has achieved another year in this organization.

I’m not a CMI…
My Bday was January 14 and I didn’t get a single happy !
No big deal ! Just send me box of Now That You Had A Home Inspection …
Then I’ll be happy…

Happy birthday Roy. Put your birthday in your message board profile so that I know when your birthday is.

I just checked it and it is there.


Roy, you’re as old as dirt. :):wink:

I knew him !

Happy Birthday everyone.