Happy Birthday to Jeff Pope...

Happy Birthday!
Hope you have a great day.


Happy birthday Jeff. Thanks for all you do for us!

Happy birthday

Happy birthday Jeff , Now take the day off and go shooting .

Happy Birthday Jeff-may you have many, many more!!

I might just do that 8)

Happy Birthday toooo you all the best… Roy C

Well get out there .lol I know you want too. post the video but you have to wear a birthday hat . :wink:


Take the day off from WAFIPLONKER

His time is short. :wink:

Happy birthday Jeff!

Happy Birthday Jeff, have a great day!

Thanks all. My BD is actually tomorrow (Oct 1) so I will likely be absent from the forum for a bit…

Maybe trip to Sault Ste. Marie :shock:

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Jeff. You’ve got a box coming from InterNACHI.


I anticipated you would be unavailable due to a Vegas run! I know it’s do-able as I have done it many times when I lived in SoCal in the 80’s! :mrgreen:

Happy birthday Jeff!:stuck_out_tongue:
I wish you many, many more! And… Thank you for all of the technical help that you provide to our members on this message board!

Warmest regards Frank:nachi::nachi:

Happy Birthday Jeff.

Happy Birthday, Jeff!!!