Happy Birthday Wayne Wilson...

Hope you have a great birthday!

Happt birthday Ole man…Hopefully you will have many more

lol Not enough candles there. and thank you

happy birthday Wayne

Happy Birthday Wayne. :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday Wayne !

“OLE” Canadians do not die…they just move south and fade away…:slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Wayne. Sean’s takin’ you and yer kinfolk out fer dinner.

Waynes Birthday Dinner.jpg

Happy Birthday Wayne

Happy Birthday Wayne!

Happy Birthday Wayne! Inspector Outlet will be shipping you a big box of goodies. Please let me know what your shirt size and shipping address are.

Well i hope it is battered possum this time, i hate that broiled stuff

2x shirt size
8228 collier rd
Powell TN 37849
and Thank you very much:mrgreen:

Happy birthday wayne…try that possum blackened with some cra-dads

Happy birthday Wayne.:slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Wayne.

Happy Birthday, Wayne

Happy belated Birthday Wayne. I hope it was a great day for you & enjoy this great weather while it lasts.