Happy Easter to All



Thanks Marcel …ours has been great hope all others are too …

Happy Easter everyone. Headed to Church tomorrow morning and then a big ole North Carolina cookout.

Happy Easter. Stay safe all!!!

Same to you and your family Marcel, and everyone from InterNACHI.

Marcel, very colorful!! Happy Easter to all!!

I look forward to a few deviled eggs!!

Happy Easter to all

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter all.
He is risen.

There is only one God and he became man then died for our sins .

Hope you guys all have a good Easter holiday. Well said Bob, He is risen indeed.

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter everyone. :smiley:

Happy Easter Marcel AHHHH I have 4 reports to write???:frowning:

no rest for the wicked Charley…Happy Easter all…

Happy Easter gang!

The kids are happy as can be. It’s off to grandma & grandpa’s house to continue with the festivities…

Enjoy this time with your families today and enjoy a good hard Easter drink when the day is done :slight_smile:


Happy Easter to all! Don’t forget to thank our Jewish friends. This day couldn’t have happened without them!


Thank You,