Happy Mothers Day

For all of the HI"s out there;
May I wish the Mothers a
Happy Mothers Day

Your Mother Is Always With You

  • Your mother is always with you…
    She’s the whisper of the leaves
    as you walk down the street.
    She’s the smell of bleach in
    your freshly laundered socks.
    She’s the cool hand on your
    brow when you’re not well.
    Your mother lives inside
    your laughter. She’s crystallized
    in every tear drop…
    She’s the place you came from,
    your first home… She’s the map you
    follow with every step that you take.
    She’s your first love and your first heart
    break…and nothing on earth can separate you.
    Not time, Not space…
    Not even death…
    will ever separate you
    from your mother…
    You carry her inside of you…

  • Author Unknown.

    • [FONT=Verdana]Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:


Very nice Marcel! :wink:

Mine passed on may 1st 1995!

So for all of you that still have yours never miss a chance to say to them how much you love them!


Don’t miss this.

Thanks for posting Marcel.

My Mother passed away August 3rd, 2007…cant seem to stop thinking of all the unsaid things.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Good advice from mom.


I have a buddy/brother from another who just lost his mom on friday!

My wife lost hers on new years eve 2000! Every year is tough!

When I was about 8, my best friend said “Joe, when your mom dies, she’ll be assumed into heaven.” It was the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to me. And it was pretty much the conventional wisdom of anyone who had ever known her.

Wish you were here](http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=xPm4GH3UUC8&feature=related)

but you’re better off there


My mother passed away last September…and I too, can’t seem to stop thinking of all the unsaid things.

Happy Mother’s Day!!:smiley:

I also lost my mother a few year’s ago…Thanks for the post Marcel.

Is this day over yet? I have been doing chores and honey do’s all day will it ever end?
Probably not.
Happy Mama’s Day

Ditto. I love and miss ya mom.