Happy New Year!

To all my Canadian and American fellow inspectors. May 2017 be a safe and prosperous year and that message board attacking be non existent!

Happy New Year Scott

It would be GREAT if the attacks would stop !!!

Good Idea Jim hope it happens .

I stop when you stop

Happy New Year

Best wishes Scott.
All the very best this New Years.

Dream on Buddy! :wink:



Happy New Year everyone. As Canada turns 150 this year, lets hope that as we all get older we can dial back the stress levels in our lives a bit.

Happy New Year! :wink:

Happy New Year to everyone in Canada and the U.S., 2016 was to say the least a tough year for Alberta and Canada. Let’s hope things continue to improve so our friends and neighbors get back to work! If you find yourself in Calgary please call me for a visit! All the best in 2017

Happy New Year and Happy 18th Birthday Canada! (That’s actually how old Canada as we know it today is.)

Or is it Happy 35th? (That’s how long since we go our Independence from the “motherland”)

Or is it Happy 150th (That’s how long it is since the Province of Canada, New Scotland (Nova Scotia) and New Brunswick were confederated.

Or is it Happy 177th when Upper Canada and Lower Canada formed the Province of Canada?

Or is it Happy 253rd when the Constitution Act was passed?

Or is it Happy 375th (Fort Ville-Marie in Montreal was founded in 1642)

Whatever! … Happy New Year and I’ve given you at least 6 reasons to party through the year if you are Canadian. :smiley: