Happy New Year!

(Roy Lewis, CMI - North Florida Inspector) #1

Happy New Year to everyone…

(Roy D. Cooke, Sr) #2

Thanks Roy and a happy new year to you and all NACHI members

(Marcel R. Cyr, CMI) #3

Happy New Year to all. :slight_smile:

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #4

Happy New Year everyone.

(Dave Fetty, CMI) #5

Wishing everyone a healthy, prosperous Happy New Year!

(Junior S. Fudge, 342226, 342230) #6

Thanks Mr. Lewis! Happy New Year everyone! All the best in 2019!

(Daniel W. Levia, CMI, CCHI) #7

Hope everyone has a great year in 2019! Whatever your definition of great is, I hope you get it.

(Peter Giannino, 24GI00162600) #8

Happy New Year to all !!!

(Michael J. Meeker, CMI) #9

Same to you Roy :smiley:

(Gilles Larin, ACI,CMI, NHI) #10

Forget the politics! Let’s just hope 2019 will be a great year for all!



(Wayne B. Wilson, TN 439) #11

Happy New Year all the best

(Paul Lesieur, CMI) #12

Yo Bros, I wish you all health, wealth and happiness.