Happy Thanks Giving Week To All

To you and your family as well Marcel.

mmmmmmTurkey mmmmmmm

Happy Thanks giving to you and your Family Marcel. You cooking the turkey? My job here lolol

I believe my Daughter-in-Law is this year, Wayne.

Hope you and your family have a good one. :):smiley:

Thanks Marcel
Happy Thanksgiving week to you too.

Happy Thanksgiving to all…:slight_smile:

I’ll be roasting the bird again, with pleasure:D…warm family and friends time.

The best Marcel to you and yours:D

Thanks Marcel,
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks Marcel, my family returns the good wishes as well!

Have a GREAT day!!!


It has been my pleasure to correspond with you, be a fellow hippie and thanks for the post!! It would be great to meet you in person!!

I hope all to have a Happy Holiday and best of health to you and yours!!

Best Wishes to all and enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving with family tomorrow. :):smiley:



Thank you! Happy Turkey day to all!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Turkey is in the roaster, pies in the oven to be followed by fresh bread and rolls.

Please remember the name of the holiday and act accordingly. :slight_smile:

Heading for my second turkey and need to study for my CE test

Everybody have a good time.

Happy Early Black Friday Too!

Happy Thanksgiving!