Has anyone seen this type of vent material?

Has anyone ever seen this type of vent material? It was off of a gas furnace installed in 1993.
All the joints were loose, and Im not sure if you can tell but thats smoke from by smoke pen getting blown by exhaust leaking throught the fitting.
I have never seen this type of vent piping, it wasn’t very sturdy either, it would flex if you squeezed on it.

piping cond.JPG



The rest of the pictures.



I have never seen it , but it looks cool.:cool:

This is the early form of the popular single wall and double wall b-vent that is currently made by Hart and Cooley back then (“1998”) it was called plexvent. This link should help as well: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml06/06022.html

Yup, thanks, just finished looking it up.

Did you check on re-calls?
The gray pipe like this has been re-called.

I remember reading about a plexivent recall, might want to do some research…

According to Carson-Dunlop the plex-vent pipe was banned in Canada due to cracking and joint failure. Maybe the Canadians can chime in on this.

Main reason for recall was softening of pipe and break down of glue at joints causing some piping systems to fall apart.Matt Berman

  CPSC recommends that every home should have at least one CO alarm  that meets the requirements of the most recent Underwriters Laboratories  (UL) 2034 standard or International Approval Services 6-96 standard. 

Recall Program to Replace Vent Pipes

  Consumers should also have the vent pipes on their heating systems  inspected. In 1998, virtually the entire furnace and boiler industry  together with the manufacturers of high-temperature plastic vent (HTPV)  pipes joined with CPSC to announce a vent pipe recall program. The  program's purpose is to replace, free of charge, an estimated 250,000  HTPV pipe systems attached to gas or propane furnaces or boilers in  consumers' homes. The HTPV pipes could crack or separate at the joints  and leak CO.

  Consumers can check the vent pipes attached to their natural gas or  propane furnaces or boilers to determine if they are part of this  recall. They can be identified as follows: the vent pipes are plastic;  the vent pipes are colored gray or black; and the vent pipes have the  names "**Plexvent®**," "**Plexvent®II**" or "**Ultravent®**" stamped on the  vent pipe or printed on stickers placed on pieces used to connect the  vent pipes together. Consumers should also check the location of these  vent pipes. For furnaces, only HTPV systems that have vent pipes that go  through the sidewalls of structures (horizontal systems) are subject to  this program. For boilers, all HTPV systems are subject to this program.  Other plastic vent pipes, such as white PVC or CPVC, are not involved in  this program.

After checking the vent pipes, consumers should call the recall hotline toll-free at (800) 758-3688 Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm CST, to verify that their appliance venting systems are subject to this program. Consumers with eligible systems will receive new, professionally installed venting systems free of charge. Additionally, consumers who already have replaced their HTPV pipe systems may be eligible for reimbursement for some or all of the replacement costs.

Thanks for the links guys!
Inspected a house yesterday with this pipe on one of the original HVAC systems.
I had a business card with the recall information numbers on it that I haven’t had to use it for quite some time and I think I’ll have trouble finding it.

What is a B- Vent?


Don’t you know how to use “Google”???