Heat Exchanger Inspection

Even though the heat exchanger is not part of a home inspection, Would like offer heat exchanger evaluation and testing service to comsumers. Question is do you need to be certified in Pennsylvania to evaluate heat exchangers and if so by who? If anyone has any input on this subject. Thanks Wayne

Not sure about PA but her in idaho you have to have an hvac contractors license to inspect, repair, replace, and maintain equipment. However you could inspect and if you see anything recommend to have a hvac tech evaluate if your local jurisdiction doesn’t allow it. Please be aware though that you are walking a fine line though cracks in a HE can hide very well I am a HVAC Journeyman, if you miss something you could be giving someone false hope. Even being a journeyman I always recommend having a contractor look at it then the liability is on them.

Thanks Rick, Im also a licensed plumber, who got into the home insp business several years ago, not sure if u need to be a heater contractor or can i get certified. not looking to get into furnace repairs just to evalute the HE, i need to talk to some heating contrators. Thanks again.