Heat Pump questions

What’s to know different from Gas fired? System is said to have a heat pump but it also has a gas line feeding it. I think I understand the basics of a heat pump system but what do I look for? Neighbors complained the condesor outside (whats it called in Heat mode?) was noisy and ran year round.


From what you are describing you have a gas furnace as the emergency heat source or the secondary. Nothing special about this just operate the unit from the stat in all of the modes cool, normal heat which will be the heat pump and then operate in emergency mode from the stat which will be the gas furnace

The stat will have an Emergency setting? Not seen that.

Yes it should be on the stat

we have discussed this in another post somewhere, there is a possibility of no emergency switch on the thermostat in some locations of the United States. I do not think Washington would be one of those. The ones we have found have been in Texas and Florida where no emergency is required because of the temperate climate.

If you have a natural gas line going to a heat pump, it is likely a dual fuel heat pump. There is an outdoor air thermostat that switches over from heat pump to a normal gas furnace operation when the ambient temperature gets too low for efficient heat pump operation.

There should be a switch on the mode selection for emergency heat. If it is an electronic thermostat, there still should be an option available through the touchpad.