Heat Recovery Systems Present Potential Fire Hazards

Heat Recovery Systems Present Potential Fire Hazards

Mississauga, ON, Canada - Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority and the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office are concerned about the potential fire hazards associated with motors overheating in certain heat recovery systems. There are 232,753 affected units in Canada and 74,933 units in the United States. Venmar Ventilation is immediately implementing a Safety Upgrade Program for certain models of Heat Recovery Ventilators produced and installed between 1991 and 2001. Units manufactured and installed before 1991 and after 2001 are not affected. To date, the affected units are identified with the following brand names and model numbers:

Venmar Brand: AEXX, EARC, 1XX, 40X, 40XXX models
Venmar AVS Brand: 1.X, 2.X, 30XX, 55XX models
Flair Brand: 30, 30XX, 55, 55XX, 85115 models
vänEEBrand: 10, 1XX, 100XX, 20, 20XX, 90 models
Sears Brand: OPTIMUM model
Guardian by Broan Brand: 100X, 200X models

NOTE: The X digit used in the model numbers can be either a letter or a number.

The model number is located on a silver or black label positioned on the outside panel of the unit. These systems may have been sold under other brand names.

Venmar Ventilation is asking owners of the Heat Recovery Ventilators identified above to immediately turn off and unplug their unit, and to contact Venmar as soon as possible by phone at 1-866-441-4645, electronically at www.venmar.ca, or by mail at SUP, 550 Lemire Blvd. Drummondville, QC, Canada J2C 7W9.

Heat recovery ventilator systems are part of many newer homes’ heating, cooling, and ventilating systems and are located near your home’s heating system. If you are uncertain as to when your unit was installed, check it against the brand names and model numbers identified above to determine if further action is required.

If you experience any strange odours, smoke or the smell of burning in your home, call 911 immediately and have the fire department respond to determine the cause.

For more information contact:
Tatjana Dinic, Electrical Safety Authority, by phone at (905) 712-5364

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