How does the Heatilator gas fireplace fan work?
Basically i throw one switch to ignite the unit and i believe there is another switch and that one operates the fan??? Do you flip the switch when it is warm or will it turn on at a certain temp?
Appreciate the education!
Andy B

Fan operates usually from the temp control inside the unit .
Thermostat usually controls the heater flame some have a switch.
Please be carefull did one last week new home no fan.
Also look close some of the new fire places are electric and they can look like a gas fire place .
There is usually a rheostat type switch in the fire place to control the speed and they can be turned off .
Roy Cooke

There were two switches on the wall and one turned the unit on and the other i did not know if it turned a fan on or not? Never heard or felt anything. I have to walk the client threw tomorrow and i will look closer.

Andy, the older, i.e. '70s vintage, ‘built into the brick’ heatilator systems are extremely quiet. Does the fireplace have intake vents down low near the floor and exhaust vents up higher on either side of the hearth, maybe near a mantle? Just flip the switch and feel for air movement. The older units did not normally have a t’stat control of any kind, the blower was either on or off and there was minimal air flow but you should be able to detect it.

That second switch likely did control a fan, which in turn is sometimes controlled to come on when the unit reaches a certain temperature.

You can usually look to see if indeed there is a fan motor too…some were optional and the switch could just be roughed in and not hooked up?