Heil furnace age please

Need some help please;
Heil furnace
Serial # L943321238
Model # NUG5075BFB2

I think it is December 94 but the vendor’s statement does not agree.

Yours is the 33rd week of 1994.

HEIL - See International Comfort Products, LLC

The model number and serial number are printed on the unit’s rating plate normally located on the outside jacket of the unit. Model numbers appear in the following typical format: PGC036K060A; serial numbers appear in the following typical format: L004112345. To determine the date of manufacture of an Heil unit, use the first four numbers of the serial number. The first two numbers represent the year, and the third and fourth numbers represent the week of manufacture. In the sample number provided the unit was manufactured the 41st week of 2000.

HEIL Recall - Originally issued 19 Oct 2005

Thank you Larry. I was certain it was 94 but the verification is assuring.