Help - any ideas what this is?

Hello! I inspected an attic today that had these black squiggly lines all over. Never seen this before. Any ideas?

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It looks like organic growth to me so I would refer it out to a industrial hygienist for assessment and correction.


It does appear to be a type of organic growth. Was there any roof exhaust ventilation? I see soffit baffle vents. Was the entire attic affected? The squiggly lines are unique almost creepy. What kind of shingles?

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There was proper ventilation and about 1/2 the attic contained this. Dimensional asphalt shingles that are approx 10 years old. This is on a $500,000 (very expensive for this area), immaculate house which makes this extra weird.

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Thank you. I suppose that will be the only option. Wish I had more of an answer for the buyers (and myself) but I’m not finding any information or photos anywhere online of this.

Thread Fungi.

I saw this on the floor of a basement last month. Asked a pest inspector friend of mine and he said termite tubes. This is what they looked like. Recommend further evaluation from pest professional.

Don’t know exactly what your basement floor pic was all about but
this pic is absolutely not termite evidence. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I agree with Marc, the attic picture (from my experience) is NOT termite tubes. Looks like a mold or fungus that is growing roots thru the sheathing. I would recommend further inspections be done and have a specialist answer the questions of what it is and what needs done about it.

Is it everywhere or only on some boards? If the mold-like growth is not everywhere then the contamination might have happened prior to installation when the plywood was being stored.

Thank you! Yes, there were no signs of termite or termite damage anywhere.

I agree with Joseph.
The only reason that thread fungi would grow like that if it’s just it was stuck between other plywood. That was there upon installation. I bet on it.
It’s probably dead now. But it is a nice work of art!

Thanks for all of the replies and advice! I noted it accordingly in the report. Luckily, the buyer said she is related to a horticulture professional and is able to a look to them for advice. Out of my hands and waiting from her what the professional says!

I’ve been doing this for many decades.
And I have learned when people ask me questions based on probability. I tell them this…
In a world of infinite possibilities, Anything is Possible.
That is true.
And that usually shuts them up LOL